Meet Tim Hutchins

The 2022 Republican Candidate for Nelson County Judge Executive

  • Tim Hutchins was born and raised in Nelson County.
  • He is the owner of Handy Food Mart and H&H Enterprises.
  • A strong conservative, Tim served as a local magistrate for 17 years.


Personal Life:

Tim lives in Nelson County today with his wife, Gina Higdon Hutchins. They are the proud parents of eight children and are blessed with five grandchildren. 

Tim has been an active member and volunteer of St. Gregory Catholic Church his entire life. He is currently:

  • Vice Chair of the Parish Council
  • Chairman of the Administration Committee
  • Chairman of the Building Committee
  • Chairman of the Fundraising Committee


Community Service:

Over the years, Tim Hutchins has served on multiple committees as well as assisted with local philanthropic groups like the Food for the Poor Foundation. Tim enjoys volunteering throughout Nelson County and he is a member of the following groups:

  • Knights of Columbus
  • National Rifle Association
  • Wounded Warrior Project


A Nelson County magistrate for 17 years, Tim Hutchins stands up for the people of Nelson County. He has years of leadership experience and maintains good, working relationships with the blue collar employees of this region.


Well-versed in our local issues, Tim Hutchins speaks with our civic leaders, police, emergency services, and department leaders on the issues that matter most. Tim Hutchins successfully completed four terms as 4th District Magistrate, representing Nelson County citizens on the Fiscal Court.


Community Support:

Tim Hutchins has been involved with many local schools, churches, foundations, and organizations. His community support has encompassed events related to athletics, fundraising, benefits, charity events, and picnics.

  • Involved With Youth Programs and Sports.
  • Coached Basketball for Over 15 Years, Including Elementary, Middle, High School, and AAU.


Career in a Snapshot:

  • Owner and operator of Handy Food Mart for the past 40 years. The grocery was built by the family in 1972. A local staple, Handy Food Mart has been in operation for 50 years.
  • Tim Hutchins has employed hundreds of men and women during his career as a small business owner.
  • Besides the store, Tim Hutchins was raised on his family’s farm and he has farmed most of his adult life raising beef, swine, tobacco, grain, and hay.
  • Approximately 27 years ago, Tim Hutchins started developing properties, building homes, and installing utilities in Nelson County and in surrounding counties through companies including H&H Enterprises.