On the Issues

Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Freedom Values

  • I will always fight to protect our constitutional rights, individual rights, and freedom of speech.
  • I’m a member of the NRA and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment: Every citizen has the right to bear arms.
  • I believe that it takes hard work to provide for yourself and your family. You deserve less government intrusion into your life. I believe everyone should make their own healthcare decisions. I am against government mandates on masks and vaccines.
  • Through common-sense solutions, our communities can and will prosper.
  • I believe it is very important for people to be involved and give back to their community.


Long-Term Goals for Nelson County:

  • Maintain an efficient, conservative fiscal court that leads with strong fiscal responsibility.
  • Improve and expand our youth programs and sport complexes, but also strive to provide more opportunities and programs for our young adults and seniors.
  • Work with local schools and youth programs to teach skills that will make them successful, but will also improve our local labor shortages. We want to continue to grow Nelson County to be the best place to work, live, and raise a family.


Emergency Services:

  • I have and will continue to support the police department, fire department and emergency medical services.
  • I will work with these departments to increase efficiency and eliminate waste. Working together, we’ll ensure there is necessary funding to provide the best services for our citizens when emergencies arise.


Economy & Business:

  • I have a proven record as magistrate fighting to keep taxes as low as possible. As your judge executive, I will be pro-business and pro-farmer.
  • I will work to eliminate any regulation or policy that poses a burden on our citizens, farmers, and businesses.
  • I will work to create an atmosphere with less red tape for all of Nelson County.
  • I will support our county employees with respect and ensure they are compensated for their hard work.
  • All in all, I will manage the county to be as efficient as possible.


Support for Veterans:

  • As a member of the Wounded Warrior Project, I will always fight for our veterans.
  • I will do everything I can to ensure that their sacrifice for our country and county will not go unnoticed.
  • I will work with our veterans to get the necessary help and respect they deserve.


The Drug Epidemic:

  • As a business owner, I have personally witnessed the drug problem affecting our community. I have seen the damage that drug addiction does to families, employers, employees, and citizens in our communities.
  • Drug pushers must be punished, and drug abusers must be treated.
  • My plan is to pull local agencies, state and federal leaders, together to aggressively combat this problem and save our people and loved ones.


Plans for Infrastructure:

  • I will get the funding we deserve to improve our existing roads, and get the bypasses and connector streets this county needs.
  • I will work to expand the public sewer system to enhance our future growth.
  • I will work to provide adequate water pressure and install more fire hydrants for our residents and businesses.
  • I have a proven track record of working with elected officials on these projects as a magistrate and understand the processes to get these things accomplished.